The Toad in the Hole
"If I feel like I want to go another year then I'll see what turns up. My missus thinks I'm mad but she's happy with anything that keeps from getting under her feet."
- Paul Ince

The Toad is now Open for Lunch everyday!

12 pm - 12 am.  Come on by and have a bite to eat.

Monday is the day you can savor the best Fish and Chips in town at a whopping $3 off the normal price.
While you're at it, stick around and enjoy our always entertaining Open Mic.

Tuesdays are when you can get the 1st taste of some of the best and most unique beers brewers from around the world have to offer.

Saturday Morning come in for Football.

Make sure to check the events page for all the live music we have for your listening pleasure on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

"At times they don't like you to kick them and they feel you're not allowed to kick them."
- Alan Shearer