The Toad in the Hole
""The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind." "
- -Humphrey Bogart

The Toad is now Open for Lunch everyday!

12 pm - 12 am.  Come on by and have a bite to eat.

Monday is the day you can savor the best Fish and Chips in town at a whopping $3 off the normal price.

Tuesdays are when you can get the 1st taste of some of the best and most unique beers brewers from around the exciting craft beer scene. 

First Wednesday of every month we bring to you Toads unique take on pub trivia.Lets just say its not serious and lots of fun!

We dont do as much Live music at the Toad these days but when we do its good!Check out our calendar for live music or like us on Facebook for up to date news.

"Playing another London side could be an omen, but I don't believe in omens."
- George Graham